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To collect and convey the essential information the president and members of the policymaking, law enforcement, and military communities require to execute their appointed duties.


The Intelligence Community has seventeen member agencies, with employees stationed around the world. To apply for positions at the Intelligence Community, you can find available positions at each member agencies’ career pages that can be found below. You may also search on USAJOBS for open positions by entering keywords, such as “Intelligence” however, for this particular community, we recommend closely monitoring their individualized career pages for any openings.

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Interested in what specified fields of interest the intelligence community is currently recruiting for?

Due to the sensitive nature of these positions, United States citizenship is required and all applications must complete a detailed background investigation. Concerned about security clearances?

Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

The Best Places to Work rankings measure employee satisfaction and commitment and draws on responses from nearly 421,000 federal employees across 379 federal agencies and subcomponents. In the 2016 edition, the Intelligence Community ranked 3rd out of 18 large agencies.Learn more