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When seeking the best talent, government recruiters will often do more than post a position on USAJOBS. Additionally, not all job openings are required to be posted on USAJOBS. Agencies are not required to post internships or selective occupational positions, unless they are specified Pathways Programs.

Agency websites

Not all agencies post their open positions on USAJOBS. Therefore, visiting agency websites is a critical component of your search, particularly if you are focusing on a limited number of agencies. Most agencies will have a “Jobs” or “Careers” tab on their website and may provide helpful insights into their specific hiring process. You may also find agency organization charts and details about its mission. Visit our agency pages for links to agency websites and career pages.

Career fairs

Career or job fairs can be a great way of meeting agency representatives in person. Agency representatives may have particular interest in attending a career fair if they are targeting a specific skill set or audience. For a listing of career fairs near you, check your local news sources, university career websites or community calendars.

When you speak with an agency representative at a career fair, keep in mind that they are extremely unlikely to offer you a position on site. In fact, they might not even accept your resume, depending on their agency’s policy. Don’t let this discourage you! A career fair is an excellent place to learn more about what a federal employee does on a day-to-day basis and learn the ins and outs of the application process directly from the source. Ultimately, career fairs are most valuable if you establish a personal connection while demonstrating your interest and skills to an agency representative.

Social media

With the increasing popularity of social media, more and more agencies are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other outlets to post general information about their agency or market open positions. If you are seriously interested in a specific agency, it is certainly worth your time to be in tune with their social media outreach. Visit our agency pages or perform a general search in these outlets to find agencies in which you are most interested.

Your personal network

Never underestimate the value of reaching out to individuals in your own network. Friends and family with government connections may have great advice for finding open positions. Additionally, college or university alumni associations and professional organizations might be aware of open positions or have contacts at federal agencies. These resources can really help you expand your knowledge about opportunities in the federal government and set you on the right track to find a federal job.

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