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Application tips

Given this highly competitive environment, agencies are selective about who they hireā€”and, as a jobseeker, you should be too. Only apply to jobs that you are interested in and qualified for. When it comes to job applications, think quality over quantity. Your chances of finding federal employment will increase if you focus on a few high-quality applications rather than dozens of applications submitted to jobs that may not be the best fit.

Write your federal resume

Forget what you know about resume writing. While you may find yourself summarizing your work history into a one-page document for a typical job application, your federal resume should be more detailed and run two-to-five pages in length for an entry-level job. A federal resume uses the same information from a typical resume, but goes into more depth about your skills, past duties and accomplishments.

Complete your federal application

Creating a stellar resume is only half the battle when it comes to applying for a federal job. The job announcement instructions will most likely require you to also fill out an application questionnaire and provide various forms or other documentation. Here are our best tips for submitting a fantastic application that accurately demonstrates your qualifications for the position.

Next steps

Congrats on submitting your application! Now what? If you do not hear back from the agency right away, you may think your application was submitted to a black hole. Considering the thousands of applications received by federal agencies each year, this is an easy assumption to make. The reality is that you have a lot of competition when applying to a federal position. Be patient as the agency assesses each candidate—this process may take longer than you anticipate.