Participants in the Cybersecurity Talent Initiative bring a variety of academic and professional experience to the federal government. These recent graduates spend two years with federal agencies building their cybersecurity professional skills and leadership competencies. After their time in the program, CTI participants have gone on to continue their cyber careers across sectors with the knowledge and skills built during their fellowship experience.​

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“CTI has been an invaluable steppingstone in preparing me for a successful career in cybersecurity, especially when it comes to building essential networks and skills. As someone eager to break into the tech industry but feeling uncertain about the process, CTI provided the perfect platform to gain a foothold in this dynamic field.”​

Read more about Ramatu’s experience here.​

Headshot of student Ramatu


Graduating Academic Institution: Fordham University​​

Agency Placement: State Department​​

Degree: Cybersecurity​

“One of the biggest benefits of starting a career through CTI was the sense of direction it gave me. CTI gave me the resources to know how to plan my next career steps and showed me what I could do to make myself more knowledgeable.”

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Headshot of student Nicholas


Graduating Academic Institution: William and Mary

Agency Placement: Department of Health and Human Services

Degree: Computer Science

“The CTI Program has been a phenomenal opportunity. Through federal service, I have been empowered to grow and contribute to a mission that is meaningful and impactful.”
Headshot of student Jillene


Graduating Academic Institution: Western Governors University

Agency Placement: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Degree: Cybersecurity and Information Assurance​


“Participating in the CTI program has been an enriching journey, offering a platform to interact with industry experts, increase my cybersecurity knowledge and explore real-world cyber challenges. This experience has significantly deepened my understanding of cybersecurity and laid a robust foundation for a promising career in the field.”
Headshot of student Frederico


Graduating Academic Institution: George Washington University

Agency Placement: State Department

Degree: Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance