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Application Instructions - Agency Partners

If you are unable to complete this application due to a disability, contact [email protected] to ask for an accommodation or an alternative application process.

Please note: this program is only accepting applications for assignments that can be fully funded by an agency

The Partnership recommends that one individual from the participating agency fill out the host agency application form. To move forward with the rest of the application, that individual must click “Next Page” below and complete all fields on the ensuing page. 

Hosting agency information. Applicants will be asked to provide contact information for the primary point of contact responsible for hiring the IPA. The Partnership for Public Service will coordinate the candidate matching and placement process through communications with this individual.

IPA Assignment Details. Agencies interested in hosting an IPA placement will need to convey the details of the potential IPA assignment, list the major duties and responsibilities to be performed by the IPA employee, and note any security concerns relevant to the completion of those duties. Placements must begin at the earliest in spring 2022 and must last for between 12-24 months. IPA placement roles and responsibilities must be consistent with a GS-14 (or high performing GS-13) level. 

IPA Employee Benefits and Restrictions. Host agencies must affirm their ability to fully cover the cost of an IPA assignment. The Partnership also encourages the agency to identify potential ethical concerns of the project assignment in advance of the IPA’s placement and to add those concerns in this section. 

You will be able to review your application before final submission. Please remember to hit the “Submit” button at the very end of this application once your application is complete.  

At any point in this application, you may check the "Save and Resume" box (located at the top of every page) and follow those instructions to save your work and return later to complete it. You must use the same email address and password each time you return to your application.

We recommend writing your answer to short response questions (page 3) in a separate program and cutting/pasting into this application form when complete.

As you work on your application, we will not see or receive any interim updates until your application is complete and successfully submitted. 

Use the page numbers in the upper right to navigate between pages. We do not recommend using your browser's back/forward buttons. You can skip pages and move back and forth at will using the page numbers.

Do not rely on browser bookmarks or similar means to return to your application. Use the Save and resume feature instead.

If you need to update your personal contact info (shown below), you can do that anytime before submitting your application.

When your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an immediate on-screen confirmation as well as an email from [email protected]. Please remember to add this address as a safe sender in your spam filter.

If you close this application without clicking the "Save and Resume" box and following those instructions, you may have to start your application all over.

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Hosting Agency Information
Agency Point of Contact information

please enter only one (1) personal email address

i.e. Department of Health and Human Services

i.e. National Institutes of Health

i.e. Office of the Chief Information Officer
Mission Statement

IPA Assignment Details

The answers you provide in this section will be used to match you with a potential candidate from a pool of qualified individuals. The greater specificity you provide, the better the Partnership is able to match you with a candidate who meets your needs.
Type of Assignment

Non-Federal employees who are appointed are considered federal employees, whereas non-Federal employees employed through a detail are not considered to be federal employees, and are thus bound by different and more specific rights and ethical concerns.

Placement must begin after June 1, 2022.

Placement must last for between 12-24 months.

Full-time commitment = 40

Position Description

Assignment Location

i.e. Idaho Regional Headquarters Office

Security Concerns

IPA Employee Benefits and Restrictions


Incoming IPA responsibilities must be equivalent to GS-12 level work.

Please only submit an application if your agency is able to fully fund the salary of an incoming candidate based on the pay range anticipated for the role.


Ethics Concerns