Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Senior Advisor for Equity

In collaboration with departments across AmeriCorps, the incumbent will drive the development and execution of a plan to engage and expand the universe of potential equity funders and partners, develop plans for collaboration with philanthropic, corporate, and other federal entities, and support agency efforts to strengthen equity for programs and AmeriCorps members. The IPA will be able to leverage their experience in building equity partners across the Federal government, private industry, academic and non-profits.

Example responsibilities of the incumbent include:

  • Identifying external philanthropic or corporate partners that could providing funding or in-kind support to programs
  • Liaising with/supporting the team to liaise with other agencies who fund AmeriCorps programs to determine opportunities to synergize/simplify grant reporting
  • Building a database of examples of effective local partnerships that create high quality wraparound supports for program
  • Collaborating with Office of Research and Evaluation on internal and external research agenda
  • Supporting Public Engagement team in case-making around equity agenda, including convenings, press, and other external engagement
  • Making recommendations for the CEO’s engagement in equity spaces, including speaking engagements/meetings.
  • Managing day-to-day relationships with relevant organizations and stakeholders on behalf of AmeriCorps.
  • Translating conversations into action plans and working with personnel across AmeriCorps to execute plans.


Office of the Secretary

Career Pathways Specialist

AmeriCorps and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention partnered to launch Public Health AmeriCorps and support the recruitment, training, and development of the next generation of public health leaders who will be ready to respond to the nation’s public health needs. The goals of the assignment are to help increase awareness of the Public Health AmeriCorps opportunity for potential partners, members, and grantees and to assist with the identification and development of potential pathways and support for members into governmental public health careers.

The incumbent will:

  • Market Public Health AmeriCorps opportunity to potential partners and members in various settings, including higher education
  • Leverage relationships and networks, including elected officials, university faculty and staff, senior researching, nonprofit and government executives, to identify potential partners for Public Health AmeriCorps and assist with the development of public health related employment pathways
  • Work with colleagues at AmeriCorps, CDC, contractor(s), and potentially other agencies and partners to develop public health career pathways and related coaching, training, tools, and support
  • Work with Public Health AmeriCorps teams at AmeriCorps and CDC, including director, program, training, and research and evaluation teams to coordinate efforts and ensure alignment across content, sequences, and deliverables.
  • Develop plan for Public Health AmeriCorps alumni engagement

Department of Defense

Undersecretary of Acquisition and Sustainment, Small Business Program


Associate Director

The United States federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Within the federal government, the Department of Defense is the largest purchaser. In this context, DoD has a significant opportunity to leverage its purchasing power to support the president’s Executive Order 13985 on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities. Within DoD this requires a multifaced approach related to procurement policy related to small businesses, how programs can be more inclusive of under served communities, how DoD can better leverage data to diversify its supply chains and increasing outreach to underserved communities.

The incumbent will support the director of Small Business Programs regarding implementation of DoD’s equity in procurement commitments related to the president’s Executive Order 13985.These are skills the employee will gain throughout the assignment that can be utilized in several other sectors and industries. Responsibilities include policy analysis, program administration, data analysis, and industry engagement.


Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Nuclear and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Policy


Policy Advisor

The IPA will serve as a Cooperative Threat Reduction Policy Advisor in the office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Policy. In this capacity, the IPA will serve as a subject matter expert on assessing global threats and reducing the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction through the development of cooperative threat reduction policies and strategies.

The IPA will gain first-hand experience in developing, implementing, and overseeing counter weapons of mass destruction policies. The IPA will have opportunities to engage with other US government departments and agencies on counter-WMD policies, as well as foreign counterparts.

Department of Energy

Office of Economic Impact and Diversity


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA) Program Analyst

The DOE ODEI is looking for a highly collaborative self-starter who wants to make a positive impact on the federal workforce via DEIA presidential initiatives. This mobility assignment will allow the DOE to strengthen its efforts in developing, implementing and tracking its DEIA Strategic Plan goals and metrics, and increase its capabilities in data analysis, in alignment with DEIA executive orders and the secretary’s priorities.

The incumbent will:

  • Partner with ODEI team to develop and maintain an online dashboard and technical methods to effectively measure and track progress against DEIA strategic goals and metrics.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis activities, and interpret results to provide actionable insights on DEIA issues and strategies.
  • Connect and analyze multiple sources of organizational data. Identify process owners, data sources and requirements; work in partnership with relevant offices to access data and obtain status of progress.
  • Clearly communicate insights through analytic charts and narratives, and communicate progress of goals through dashboard or tracking sheets. Support reporting requirements by preparing briefings and reports for a variety of audiences. Facilitate and deliver presentations as needed.
  • Maintain tools, systems and databases for project management and data collection and analysis.
  • Demonstrate exceptional judgment, confidentiality and discretion when dealing with sensitive data and organizational issues. Promote data governance and data quality improvements.

Office of Economic Impact and Diversity


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA) Social Scientist (Part-time Opportunity)

The DOE ODEI is looking for a highly collaborative self-starter who wants to make a positive impact on the federal workforce via DEIA presidential initiatives. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute towards the secretary’s key DEIA priorities through research, statistical analysis and program evaluation.

The incumbent will:

  • Partner with ODEI team to identify opportunities for research and evaluation of DEIA programs and processes, evaluating results against success metrics.
  • Leverage technical expertise to design and implement research and evaluation approaches using qualitative and quantitative methods including statistical analyses. Establish measurement and research framework.
  • Identify critical issues and understand DOE’s DEIA efforts in order to drive improvements.
  • Communicate methodology, workplans, data collection, analysis and findings through reports and presentations.
  • Engage and partner with stakeholders to implement evaluation or research projects, interpret data and develop recommendations.
  • Review, communicate, and stay abreast of findings from relevant literature (such as academic journals and case studies) related to DEIA research and evaluation.

Office of Economic Impact and Diversity


Senior Workforce Development Advisor

This assignment will strengthen minority workforce development in support of DOE programs and our nation’s energy sector. It will promote increasing clean energy related jobs within disadvantaged communities and increase support provided to disadvantaged individuals including women, veterans and the formerly incarcerated. This assignment will develop new innovative strategies to enhance the effectiveness of DOE minority workforce programs and collaborations with other federal, state and nongovernmental agencies.

During this assignment, the selected applicant (senior workforce development advisor) will:

  • Develop strategic plans and policy recommendations in support of the department’s and Biden administration’s priorities.
  • Examine current and proposed legislation affecting energy related workforce programs and offer recommendations that ensure the full participation of minorities communities and disadvantaged individuals.
  • Work to increase collaborations between ED’s OMP and DOE’s Office of Jobs, Program Offices and National Laboratories.
  • Review and develop workforce studies and reports that accurately identifies minority participation in DOE programs and the U.S. energy sector.
  • Lead OMP’s strategic collaborations with other federal, state and nongovernmental agencies to strengthen energy related workforce development programs.

Department of Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services/Division of Laboratory Systems


Health Equity Officer

The health equity officer leads and directs the integration and promotion of health equity activities across the Division of Laboratory Systems. The incumbent will help division leaders fulfill current Health Equity initiatives and aid in the fulfillment of programs within the division to expand health equity.

The incumbent:

  • Provides consultation on scientific and programmatic issues, in particular around health equity.
  • Formulates and develops program policy and guidance, in particular around health equity.
  • Plans strategies on how to manage and deliver program operational oversight.
  • Provides advice and guidance on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility initiatives for DLS and programs related to Health Equity efforts across DLS in collaboration with Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services Health Equity Officer and CSELS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Officer.
  • Coordinates, and provides quality assurance for increasing the promotion of health equity across the division, center, and agency.
  • Collaborates and engages with leadership within CSELS Divisions and across CDC.
  • Works closely with the CSELS and DLS Senior Level Leadership, including collaborating with:
    • Associate Director for Science to plan and review science across the center through a health equity lens,
    • Associate Director for Communication on internal and external consensus building and marketing,
    • Associate Director for Policy on strategic partnerships, engagement with external organizations, and policy-related matters, and
    • Associate Director for Evaluation and program leads on developing appropriate health equity focused metrics and milestones for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Fills gaps for DEI&A topics and formulates plans to improve measures outlined by division leadership for expanding workforce diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Works with chief information officers across CDC to align CSELS/DLS activities with broad agency strategies and may need to engage with external partners.
  • Serves as the DLS Liaison for Health Equity and DEI&A initiatives to senior level leadership,
  • Works with other DLS leadership to develop and manage our CORE Health Equity Science and Implementation Strategy.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of State and Local Readiness


Division of State and Local Readiness Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Advisor

The incumbent will lead the development and execution of an overarching DEIA strategy that will create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace. State, local, and territorial recipients of funding from our program will also benefit from this assignment. The employee serving in this role will come away with increased awareness of the discipline of emergency preparedness and response, engagement with funded recipients, visibility on human resources processes, and knowledge of the federal funding process to state, local, and territorial partners.


The DSLR DEIA Advisor will co-lead DSLR’s internal Justice and Equity Team to continue to develop and implement the DEIA strategy for the division. The incumbent will engage with employees across the division to solicit input and implement solutions and participate in the development of requirements/priorities for funded state, local, and territorial health departments. Experience working on DEIA issues is essential. Familiarity with federal government preferred.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Healthcare Quality and Promotion


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging Coordinator

The Division of Healthcare Quality and Promotion is seeking a DEIAB Coordinator to assist in expanding our internal division efforts to foster greater diversity and create an inclusive and affirming environment for all within the division.

The work of the DEIAB Coordinator will allow DHQP to efficiently manage, coordinate and evaluate division DEIAB activities to increase capacity, accountability, and transparency. The employee will assist with the development of evaluation measures and milestones for quarterly reporting of progress to division leadership. Employee will assist in garnering employee feedback on DEAIB efforts and ensuring efforts meet the established goals and the expectations of DHQP staff.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Division of Bacterial Diseases


Health Equity Scientist

The Centers for Disease’s CORE (Cultivate, Optimize, Reinforce, Enhance) Health equity science and intervention strategy (2022) aims to transform the agency’s public health research, surveillance, and implementation science efforts to shift from simply listing the markers of health inequities to identifying and addressing the drivers of these disparities. As part of CDC’s agency-wide CORE Health equity science and intervention strategy (2022), the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Division of Bacterial Diseases plans to conduct health equity analyses for key division pathogens.

The incumbent:

  • Designs, conducts, and reports results of analyses assessing underlying drivers of health disparities for DBD pathogens.
  • Leverages national surveillance data to address health equity questions and provide evidence for public health action.
  • Advises DBD subject matter experts on key health equity related research and surveillance questions and methods.
  • Collaborates with SMEs to design studies to address evidence gaps

To succeed in this role, the incumbent should demonstrate the following expertise:

  • Doctoral-level degree in epidemiology, demography, or related field
  • Expertise in social epidemiology and/or social determinants of health
    • Specific experience applying social epidemiology methodology to public health data on infectious diseases (preferred)
    • Expertise in assessing neighborhood/community level drivers of health disparities in disadvantaged or marginalized populations (e.g., persons of color, persons experiencing homelessness, persons who inject drugs) using geocoded data
    • Experience with procurement, management, linking, analysis, summary, and interpretation of complex data from multiple sources related to SDOH, health equity, and health outcomes (including methodologies to address missing data)
  • Strong social justice and health equity interests
    • Expertise in using census files in conjunction with surveillance data to provide disease incidence estimates by race/ethnicity (preferred)
    • Experience with community engagement (preferred)

Department of Homeland Security

Management, Office of the Chief Financial Officer


Social Scientist (Program Evaluator)

The purpose of this detail is to support and enhance the existing staff and expertise of the Division of Program Analysis and Evaluation, enabling PA&E to better meet its mission of providing leadership and coordination for department- and component-level compliance with the Evidence Act Title 1 requirements and to better harness the benefits of evaluation in decision making.

The incumbent’s responsibilities include:

  • Designing, conducting, and overseeing program and policy evaluations – 40%. Coordinates, designs, conducts, or oversees highly technical evaluation projects and studies of the context, implementation, performance, quality, and effectiveness of homeland security programs, policies, and operations. Selects and uses appropriate social science, research, and evaluation theories, principles, methods, and practices in applied settings to assess effectiveness and identify ways to improve programs, policies, and operations.
  • Supporting planning and implementation of DHS evaluation framework –25%. Plans and coordinates activities that support the development and implementation of DHS evaluation policy, learning agendas, annual evaluation plans, capacity assessments, and their integration with strategic planning, performance management and planning, and budget planning.
  • Building stakeholder capacity for evaluation – 20%. Designs, facilitates, and coordinates webinars, workshops, conferences, guidance, training materials, and tools to support DHS staff who are preparing for or overseeing an evaluation.
  • Advising on evaluation research and use – 15%. Serves as an expert advisor to and liaises with evaluators, leadership, program, policy, and other internal and external (federal, state, local, private sector) homeland security audiences regarding the value, justification, design, conduct, findings, and use of evaluation.

Department of Labor

Chief Evaluation Office


Evaluation Specialist/Senior Evaluation Specialist/Mathematical Statistician

The IPA detailee will assist the Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office in fulfilling core evaluation research functions, including designing and managing research contracts and grants, and a wide variety of other evidence capacity-building activities, which may include conducting and publishing original research on topics relevant to the department, per the interest of the detailee.

Duties include managing complex, rigorous program evaluation projects from statement of work phase through award, including: developing the evaluation design, coordinating contractor deliverables, DOL agency involvement and deliverables to the contractor, review of materials and project plans, and convening and coordinating technical working groups, including consolidating their technical and methodological recommendations in consultation with other CEO staff members, the deputy director and the chief evaluation officer. The incumbent must understand the need and have the ability to design rigorous and cost-effective evaluations, particularly experimental designs using random assignment and non-experimental designs using multivariate statistical analysis, and must have statistical analysis skills and experience using one or more of the major statistical software packages (e.g., SPSS, SAS, STATA, R). Duties include the formulation of program evaluation policies and decisions on measuring the effectiveness and impact of programs and actions of the Department of Labor, including workforce development, employment security, and job training areas, and worker protection areas such as safety and health, civil rights, wages and hours, and pensions and health care.

Department of the Treasury

Office of Financial Research, Research and Analysis Center


Research Fellow (Part-time)

The IPA program can be leveraged to inform policy discussions and sponsor research initiatives that inform the Office of Financial Research’s mission. IPA resourcing brings on expertise in proportions commensurate with Research and Analysis Center’s needs and would complement efforts by permanent staff, especially in areas of emerging research like digital assets and climate change. The IPA will gain experience working with the OFR’s staff of expert researchers on emerging issues related to financial stability.

Major duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing subject matter expertise to OFR Leadership and staff on issues of immediate relevance related to OFR policy and research initiatives; contribute to staff development through mentorship; and collaborate with staff on research projects that advance the OFR’s mission.

Department of Transportation

Office of the Secretary, Office of Innovation and Engagement


Office of Innovation and Engagement Liaison

The reason for this assignment is to assist the Department of Transportation in implementation of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. The new legislation calls for innovated approaches to transportation systems. DOT believes that employees can have the most impactful ideas in responding to the law requirements. The Office of Innovation and Engagement is responsible for mining these ideas from the workforce. A participant in this detail would gain experience in driving change through a large federal agency, including engaging with the 12 modes through the innovation community of practice. The detailee will serve as OIE Liaison and provide expertise to support DOT Ideas submissions.

The detailee:

  • provides ongoing status update to leadership, the OIE team, modal representatives and other internal stakeholders,
  • organizes and coordinates briefings and responses to community of practice representatives,
  • tracks potential programmatic risks and resolves challenges associated with progress/completion of ideas, including monitoring of idea submissions, spotlighting trends, data analysis, developing reports, presentations, and executive communications,
  • creates videos, web-based messaging and training,
  • collaborates and engages with employees, managers, executives, and agency stakeholders throughout the department and acts as an advocate for the OIE products and services,
  • supports the development of an innovation toolkit that includes processes for stage gating ideas through the idea lifecycle, implementing human-centered design principles, and recommending communications and technology enhancements,
  • designs web-based training and tools to support the ideation process,
  • creates business cases for idea implementation, and
  • facilitates group processes for innovation projects as the opportunities become available.


Office of the Secretary, Departmental Office of Civil Rights


Strategic Implementation Assistant

Since nondiscrimination principles apply across the spectrum of civil rights, the department has divided its activities along two broad categories: internal civil rights programs affecting Department of Transportation employees and applicants for employment; and external civil rights programs relating to the beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of the various transportation programs receiving Federal financial assistance through DOT.

Each operating administration has an Office of Civil Rights, or individuals assigned these responsibilities, to ensure civil rights compliance for their respective organization and programs, however not all OAs have the infrastructure in both policy and workforce to create and complete a consistent compliance review of equity measures. This role will directly support the Department’s Office of Civil Rights implementation of the equity work adhering to the Biden Infrastructure Law, as well as the other equity-related Executive Orders by the president to increase equity in both workforce and access to programs across the nation.

A successful candidate in this role comes with high level project management and implementation skills, and over the course of the role improves their earlier skills while also gaining firsthand knowledge into inter-agency and inter-governmental workings as well as a comprehensive understanding of equity strategies and measurable goals.

The detailee will:

  • Assist in the project management & implementation of the Biden Infrastructure Law within the Office of Civil Rights at DOT, which includes supporting racial, gender and mobility justice issues,
  • Develop consistent streams of information and data collection between relevant offices and branches of transportation government.
  • Implement and track compliance reviews and implementation in operating administrations.
  • Support internal and external stakeholder engagement for equity work done by the department.

Environmental Protection Agency

Office of General Counsel, Civil Rights and Finance Law Office


Special Advisor for Equity

Consistent with Executive Order 13985, EPA is strengthening its civil rights and environmental justice programs. In support of this goal, OGC provides significant support to both the external civil rights program and office of grants. OGC need a skilled legal expert to help ensure it is advancing legal approaches that consider impacts of racial disparities and work to eliminate them. The office needs support to examine and assess its current regulatory guidance for the Title VI program and ensure it is distributing federal financial assistance consistent with current law and EO 13985 and impacts of discriminatory activities on overburdened communities.

The employee will:

  • Work on drafting updates to EPA’s civil rights regulations and may provide legal counsel related to expenditure of agency funds, including issues that arise under grants and cooperative agreements, as well during formulation of the Agency’s budget.
  • Provide advice to the agency’s external civil rights compliance program, which is responsible for ensuring that recipients of the agency’s financial assistance do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.
  • Perform a variety of external civil rights work, which involves in part, providing legal advice and counsel regarding administrative complaints filed under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and EPA’s implementing regulations prohibiting discrimination.
  • Provide legal advice and counsel to a variety of program offices at EPA headquarters, as well as regional offices, with respect to Equal Protection Clause and First Amendment (Establishment Clause, freedom of assembly and free speech) issues.

Office of General Counsel, External Civil Rights Compliance Office


Senior Advisor

Consistent with Executive Order 13985, the Environmental Protection Agency is strengthening its external civil rights office. EPA’s external civil rights program must very quickly: initiate proactive pre-award and post-award civil rights compliance, including affirmative compliance reviews to address impacts of discriminatory activities on overburdened communities; develop and implement clear and strong civil rights policy guidance to increase recipients’ compliance with civil rights laws, including on adverse disparate and cumulative impacts; conduct timely and effective civil rights complaint investigations and resolutions that effectively address adverse impacts of pollution; and enhance communication with overburdened communities. The employee will gain expertise in implementing federal civil rights laws and experience interacting with and briefing high level career and political federal stakeholders. In addition, the employee will benefit from rewarding and challenging first hand exposure to community members, environmental justice advocates, and state and local agency recipients of EPA funding.

The employee will:

  • Work in a team environment to complete assigned notification letters, jurisdictional reviews, investigation plans, investigation reports, and final agency decision letters – consistent with federal civil rights laws, EPA’s nondiscrimination regulation and complaint processing policies and procedures,
  • Provide internal and external customers services in a timely and effective manner,
  • Complete written and oral individual work that is consistently of high quality and are appropriately responsive to civil rights complaints, compliance reviews and policy, and
  • Complete complaint investigations, information gathering, interviews, document reviews, and regulatory analysis that is consistent with EPA and ECRCO administrative procedures, including proactive technical assistance and training activities and compliance reviews.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Rural Business-Cooperative Service, Office of the Administrator


Advisor for Food Systems Resilience

The IPA assignment will bring much-needed expertise of the food sector, namely the meat and poultry processing sector, and its supply chains to allow the Rural Business-Cooperative Service to best support development, launch, and administration of new programs funded by Section 1001 of the American Rescue Plan Act.


The incumbent’s responsibilities include:

  • Supporting efforts of the RBCS Chief of Staff and the Administrator on agency- and department-level initiatives pertaining to implementation of Section 1001 of the American Rescue Plan.
  • Serving as the project manager and lead the coordinator of all efforts relating to the development and administration of new programs under the Meat & Poultry Supply Chain Resiliency Initiative and the Build Back Better Initiative to transform the food supply chain, more broadly.
  • Represent RBCS, as needed, in related (internal and external) meetings, events, working groups, and policy committees.
  • Perform related research and data analysis, and provide evidence-driven recommendations for new policies, programmatic changes, and outreach strategies.
  • Contribute to related strategic planning activities.
  • Assist in the development and execution of related cooperative agreements.

U.S. Department of the Interior

Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management


West Coast Engineer and Environment Advisor

The Biden Administration has placed offshore wind as one of its top priorities in addressing climate change and there is a great deal of work and analysis that needs to be done over the next 2 years.

Through this detail, the individual will have the unique opportunity to work at the intersection of marine science, stakeholder engagement, and renewable energy. The individual will coordinate and collaborate with individuals across the agency and within the Department of the Interior, furthering understanding of this dynamic new industry. This detail will allow the selected individual to influence methods and strategies that are groundbreaking within the department and that will allow offshore wind to move forward.

The region is open to a variety of backgrounds and has a number of potential projects related to renewable energy, conventional energy, marine minerals, or environmental analysis. If matched for this detail, we would figure out what the detailee is most interested in working on and tailor a project to match that person’s interests and development needs.

Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management


West Coast Offshore Wind – Marine Mammals Specialist

Through this detail, the individual will have the unique opportunity to work at the intersection of marine science, stakeholder engagement, and renewable energy. The individual will coordinate and collaborate with individuals across the agency and within the Department of the Interior, furthering understanding of this dynamic new industry. This detail will allow the selected individual to influence methods and strategies that are groundbreaking within the department and that will allow offshore wind to move forward.

Initially, the selected individual(s) will learn about the agency and the office’s work on offshore wind. There are several tasks and projects to which the selected individual(s) may dedicate their time. These include:

  • Supporting assessment and consultation efforts pursuant to National Environmental Policy Act and Executive Order 13175
  • Identifying data and scientific studies for mitigation and decision making

U.S. Office of Government Ethics

Office of the Secretary


Deputy Director for Compliance

The primary goal of this IPA assignment would be to assist OGE in complying with Executive Order 13985 in the areas of hiring and advancement, procurement, and communications. Regarding communications, OGE has identified two specific aspects of this program area to target for assessment and improvement: internal DEIA programs and its external communications targeted to the public.

The incumbent will:

  • Review OGE policies and programs related to the areas of hiring and advancement, procurement, and communications, with an eye toward advancing equity.
  • Assess internal DEIA programs and external communications targeted to the public.
  • Develop and provide equity and DEIA training programs to OGE staff

U.S. Small Business Administration

Government Contracting and Business Development


Program Development Leader

This is a leadership role within the Agency’s executive team focused on providing policy and implementation guidance on a portfolio of programs that implement Biden-Harris Administration goals around racial equity, manufacturing, supply chain, and government contracting. Candidates will have a seat at the table to recommend and evaluate the merits of policy interventions, including SBA programs for lending, technical assistance, investment, and $500B in government contracting – and how programs may be restructured to maximize outcomes. Methodologies applied in typical day may include econometric analysis, study design, behavioral research, and community engagement.

Candidates will bring unique policy perspectives as expert practitioners or researchers who can ensure that policy and program design incorporates the perspectives of state, local, and tribal government, as well as local entrepreneurial communities.