Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility


In collaboration with departments across AmeriCorps, the incumbent will drive the development and execution of a plan to engage and expand the universe of potential equity funders and partners, develop plans for collaboration with philanthropic, corporate, and other federal entities, and support agency efforts to strengthen equity for programs and AmeriCorps members. The IPA will be able to leverage their experience in building equity partners across the Federal government, private industry, academic and non-profits.

Example responsibilities of the incumbent include:

  • Identifying external philanthropic or corporate partners that could providing funding or in-kind support to programs
  • Liaising with/supporting the team to liaise with other agencies who fund AmeriCorps programs to determine opportunities to synergize/simplify grant reporting
  • Building a database of examples of effective local partnerships that create high quality wraparound supports for program
  • Collaborating with Office of Research and Evaluation on internal and external research agenda
  • Supporting Public Engagement team in case-making around equity agenda, including convenings, press, and other external engagement
  • Making recommendations for the CEO’s engagement in equity spaces, including speaking engagements/meetings.
  • Managing day-to-day relationships with relevant organizations and stakeholders on behalf of AmeriCorps.
  • Translating conversations into action plans and working with personnel across AmeriCorps to execute plans.

Department of Defense

Undersecretary of Acquisition and Sustainment, Small Business Program

! Restricted to U.S. Citizens

The United States federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Within the federal government, the Department of Defense is the largest purchaser. In this context, DoD has a significant opportunity to leverage its purchasing power to support the president’s Executive Order 13985 on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities. Within DoD this requires a multifaced approach related to procurement policy related to small businesses, how programs can be more inclusive of under served communities, how DoD can better leverage data to diversify its supply chains and increasing outreach to underserved communities.

The incumbent will support the director of Small Business Programs regarding implementation of DoD’s equity in procurement commitments related to the president’s Executive Order 13985.These are skills the employee will gain throughout the assignment that can be utilized in several other sectors and industries. Responsibilities include policy analysis, program administration, data analysis, and industry engagement.

Department of Energy

Office of Economic Impact and Diversity


This assignment will strengthen minority workforce development in support of DOE programs and our nation’s energy sector. It will promote increasing clean energy related jobs within disadvantaged communities and increase support provided to disadvantaged individuals including women, veterans and the formerly incarcerated. This assignment will develop new innovative strategies to enhance the effectiveness of DOE minority workforce programs and collaborations with other federal, state and nongovernmental agencies.

During this assignment, the selected applicant (senior workforce development advisor) will:

  • Develop strategic plans and policy recommendations in support of the department’s and Biden administration’s priorities.
  • Examine current and proposed legislation affecting energy related workforce programs and offer recommendations that ensure the full participation of minorities communities and disadvantaged individuals.
  • Work to increase collaborations between ED’s OMP and DOE’s Office of Jobs, Program Offices and National Laboratories.
  • Review and develop workforce studies and reports that accurately identifies minority participation in DOE programs and the U.S. energy sector.
  • Lead OMP’s strategic collaborations with other federal, state and nongovernmental agencies to strengthen energy related workforce development programs.

Department of Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services/Division of Laboratory Systems


! Restricted to U.S. Citizens

The health equity officer leads and directs the integration and promotion of health equity activities across the Division of Laboratory Systems. The incumbent will help division leaders fulfill current Health Equity initiatives and aid in the fulfillment of programs within the division to expand health equity.

The incumbent:

  • Provides consultation on scientific and programmatic issues, in particular around health equity.
  • Formulates and develops program policy and guidance, in particular around health equity.
  • Plans strategies on how to manage and deliver program operational oversight.
  • Provides advice and guidance on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility initiatives for DLS and programs related to Health Equity efforts across DLS in collaboration with Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services Health Equity Officer and CSELS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Officer.
  • Coordinates, and provides quality assurance for increasing the promotion of health equity across the division, center, and agency.
  • Collaborates and engages with leadership within CSELS Divisions and across CDC.
  • Works closely with the CSELS and DLS Senior Level Leadership, including collaborating with:
    • Associate Director for Science to plan and review science across the center through a health equity lens,
    • Associate Director for Communication on internal and external consensus building and marketing,
    • Associate Director for Policy on strategic partnerships, engagement with external organizations, and policy-related matters, and
    • Associate Director for Evaluation and program leads on developing appropriate health equity focused metrics and milestones for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Fills gaps for DEI&A topics and formulates plans to improve measures outlined by division leadership for expanding workforce diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Works with chief information officers across CDC to align CSELS/DLS activities with broad agency strategies and may need to engage with external partners.
  • Serves as the DLS Liaison for Health Equity and DEI&A initiatives to senior level leadership,
  • Works with other DLS leadership to develop and manage our CORE Health Equity Science and Implementation Strategy.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Division of Bacterial Diseases


! Restricted to U.S. Citizens

The Centers for Disease’s CORE (Cultivate, Optimize, Reinforce, Enhance) Health equity science and intervention strategy (2022) aims to transform the agency’s public health research, surveillance, and implementation science efforts to shift from simply listing the markers of health inequities to identifying and addressing the drivers of these disparities. As part of CDC’s agency-wide CORE Health equity science and intervention strategy (2022), the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Division of Bacterial Diseases plans to conduct health equity analyses for key division pathogens.

The incumbent:

  • Designs, conducts, and reports results of analyses assessing underlying drivers of health disparities for DBD pathogens.
  • Leverages national surveillance data to address health equity questions and provide evidence for public health action.
  • Advises DBD subject matter experts on key health equity related research and surveillance questions and methods.
  • Collaborates with SMEs to design studies to address evidence gaps.

To succeed in this role, the incumbent should demonstrate the following expertise:

  • Doctoral-level degree in epidemiology, demography, or related field.
  • Expertise in social epidemiology and/or social determinants of health.
    • Specific experience applying social epidemiology methodology to public health data on infectious diseases (preferred).
    • Expertise in assessing neighborhood/community level drivers of health disparities in disadvantaged or marginalized populations (e.g., persons of color, persons experiencing homelessness, persons who inject drugs) using geocoded data.
    • Experience with procurement, management, linking, analysis, summary, and interpretation of complex data from multiple sources related to SDOH, health equity, and health outcomes (including methodologies to address missing data).
  • Strong social justice and health equity interests.
    • Expertise in using census files in conjunction with surveillance data to provide disease incidence estimates by race/ethnicity (preferred).
    • Experience with community engagement (preferred).

Environmental Protection Agency

Office of General Counsel, External Civil Rights Compliance Office


Consistent with Executive Order 13985, the Environmental Protection Agency is strengthening its external civil rights office. EPA’s external civil rights program must very quickly: initiate proactive pre-award and post-award civil rights compliance, including affirmative compliance reviews to address impacts of discriminatory activities on overburdened communities; develop and implement clear and strong civil rights policy guidance to increase recipients’ compliance with civil rights laws, including on adverse disparate and cumulative impacts; conduct timely and effective civil rights complaint investigations and resolutions that effectively address adverse impacts of pollution; and enhance communication with overburdened communities. The employee will gain expertise in implementing federal civil rights laws and experience interacting with and briefing high level career and political federal stakeholders. In addition, the employee will benefit from rewarding and challenging first hand exposure to community members, environmental justice advocates, and state and local agency recipients of EPA funding.

The employee will:

  • Work in a team environment to complete assigned notification letters, jurisdictional reviews, investigation plans, investigation reports, and final agency decision letters – consistent with federal civil rights laws, EPA’s nondiscrimination regulation and complaint processing policies and procedures,
  • Provide internal and external customers services in a timely and effective manner,
  • Complete written and oral individual work that is consistently of high quality and are appropriately responsive to civil rights complaints, compliance reviews and policy, and
  • Complete complaint investigations, information gathering, interviews, document reviews, and regulatory analysis that is consistent with EPA and ECRCO administrative procedures, including proactive technical assistance and training activities and compliance reviews.

Office of General Counsel, Civil Rights and Finance Law Office


Consistent with Executive Order 13985, EPA is strengthening its civil rights and environmental justice programs. In support of this goal, OGC provides significant support to both the external civil rights program and office of grants. OGC need a skilled legal expert to help ensure it is advancing legal approaches that consider impacts of racial disparities and work to eliminate them. The office needs support to examine and assess its current regulatory guidance for the Title VI program and ensure it is distributing federal financial assistance consistent with current law and EO 13985 and impacts of discriminatory activities on overburdened communities.

The employee will:

  • Work on drafting updates to EPA’s civil rights regulations and may provide legal counsel related to expenditure of agency funds, including issues that arise under grants and cooperative agreements, as well during formulation of the Agency’s budget.
  • Provide advice to the agency’s external civil rights compliance program.

U.S. Small Business Administration

Government Contracting and Business Development

! Restricted to U.S. Citizens

This is a leadership role within the Agency’s executive team focused on providing policy and implementation guidance on a portfolio of programs that implement Biden-Harris Administration goals around racial equity, manufacturing, supply chain, and government contracting. Candidates will have a seat at the table to recommend and evaluate the merits of policy interventions, including SBA programs for lending, technical assistance, investment, and $500B in government contracting – and how programs may be restructured to maximize outcomes. Methodologies applied in typical day may include econometric analysis, study design, behavioral research, and community engagement.

Candidates will bring unique policy perspectives as expert practitioners or researchers who can ensure that policy and program design incorporates the perspectives of state, local, and tribal government, as well as local entrepreneurial communities.