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About us

Go Government is a project of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. We believe that good government starts with good people. And, we believe that by strengthening the civil service and addressing the needs of people in government, we help government to work better—to serve the needs of all Americans.

The Partnership doesn’t attempt to do government’s job; instead, we partner with government and other stakeholders to find solutions to enhance the government’s ability to serve all 311 million Americans efficiently and effectively. We bring unique characteristics to that effort, including flexibility, private-sector know-how and objectivity—qualities that are often missing from reform efforts originating inside government.

About this site

This site is designed to be your guide as you consider, apply, and secure federal employment. We’ll help you research federal agencies and government careers as well as provide practical tips for completing your application. Keep in mind that we do not post job announcements or accept applications. Rather, this site will give you a glimpse into the federal government and will guide you through the application process from beginning to end.