The Call to Serve Network is the only national system that collaborates with both federal agencies and higher education institutions to promote federal service and recruit the next generation of public servants. Every fall, our team visits campuses across the country. We provide workshops and training on navigating federal career opportunities, recruit for paid opportunities in government and connect with your students and advisors!


Image showing a map of the United States with the words Call to Serve, 2 Years of Public Service Roadshow.

In 2022, we reached 58 schools in 23 states, and 43% of those we visited were minority-serving institutions.


In 2023, we reached 27 schools in 16 states, and 37% of those we visited were minority-serving institutions.


Come back soon for more information about our 2024 Public Service Roadshow!




Campus visits on the Public Service Roadshow are customized to meet the unique needs of colleges and universities. Campus visits might include:

We tailor these sessions to students, and the advisors and staff who support students in their pursuit of public service careers. We also collaborate with career services programming, partner with on-campus groups, visit student centers and offer one-on-one advising sessions.



What’s in store for 2024?

Since the Call to Serve Network team cannot do in-person visits for all colleges and universities, we plan to host multiple virtual sessions for students all across the country.

Stay tuned for more information on our virtual sessions in 2024.




From Students

  • “The presentation was engaging and direct, making it feel like every minute was worth it.”
  • “I think a lot of people need to learn about the wide variety of fields in the federal government.”
  • “I learned about different opportunities that I never considered before.”
  • “As a first-generation student, I appreciate sessions like this to help guide my career search!”
  • “I was unsure about how to get involved in our government and find internships, but this answered all of those questions perfectly.”

From Advisors

  • “It is good to know that resources are out there for students interested in federal employment and internships.”
  • “Actually having someone walk through USAJOBS was so helpful for me and the students.”
  • “I really appreciated that they were transparent about how difficult USA jobs can be. The resources they discussed made me excited.”




In 2022, we reached 2,318 students and delivered 85 presentations.

  • 72% of students surveyed felt likely to pursue opportunities in the federal government after the workshop.
  • 86% of students surveyed agreed that the workshop was a good use of their time.
  • 100% of advisors have a good understanding of the resources on federal hiring available to them through the Partnership.

Image showing multiple maps of the United States - Campus Visits & Nationwide Reach, and Special Engagements


In 2023, we reached 1,064 students and delivered 48 presentations.

  • 21% growth in survey respondents indicating they were likely to pursue federal opportunities after workshop compared to prior.
  • 89% of students surveyed agreed that the workshop was a good use of their time.



Image showing a map of the United States: 27 Campus Visits, 37% at minority-serving institutions

Image showing a map of the united states: 16 states visited


To learn more about the impact of our Public Service Roadshow, download our “2023 Roadshow Impact Report.” For general inquiries about the roadshow, please email