Our Call to Serve network, which is the only national system that collaborates with both federal agencies and hundreds of institutions of higher education, works to promote federal service and recruit the next generation of public servants. 

Inspiring a career in public service can often be traced back to career development in a higher education setting- an advising session, info session, internship program. Colleges and universities play a critical role in inspiring and preparing the next generation to serve. 

The Partnership supports colleges and universities by connecting students and alumni with federal jobs and internships through:  

  • Training sessions designed to provide knowledge and tools needed to educate students and job seekers about government opportunities and build relationships with federal agencies.  
  • Access to Go Government resources.
  • Campus visits through our Public Service Roadshow.



The Call to Serve Network is now offering membership, including Federal Advisor Certificate Program enrollment! Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

  • Enrollment for the fall 2024 session of the Federal Advisor Certificate program is now open. Enroll today!
    • Program dates: September 30 – November 27



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Go Government is the Partnership for Public Service’s resource for students and recent graduates to launch their federal careers. 


The career guides here feature tips to help jobseekers navigate the application and hiring process. The range of careers in the federal government is vast, and the government needs talent from every discipline and with every background. From science, technology, engineering and math careers to the creative arts and fields in between, these career guides showcase career paths, agencies and where positions are located across government.

The site also includes a list of ways for students and recent graduates to join the federal government. Internship and fellowship programs and other short-term opportunities can help students explore careers in federal service while gaining valuable work experience. Programs include:

In addition, as career development professionals work with students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, they can find resources to how to advise veterans and people with disabilities about landing a federal job. When students or recent graduates ready to apply for a federal job, career services can find step-by-step guidance on searching for jobs, creating a federal resume and preparing a strong application.

Students interested in applying for federal positions should visit USAJOBS or one of the Partnership’s internship and fellowship programs. Keep in mind that if students apply directly to a federal agency, they must create a profile and submit their application on USAJOBS.



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