The Partnership for Public Service is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, whose mission is to build a better government and a stronger democracy. By inspiring a new generation to serve—that’s you—and working with federal leaders to bring top talent—you again!—into the workforce, we are transforming the way government works.

How do we help you find a job in government? We host informational webinars and go to college campuses to train students on how to apply for federal jobs. Since 2002, we’ve trained more than 15,000 college students, including federal interns who return to campus to finish their degrees. We also train college and university career counselors to help their students understand the federal recruiting and hiring process and identify federal internship and fellowship opportunities.

The Partnership also trains college and university career counselors to help students like you learn more about the federal recruiting and hiring process, and find the best federal internship and fellowship opportunities, based on your skills and interests.

The digital resources here on Go Government can help you better understand the federal hiring process and launch your government career. Sign up here to receive updates on federal hiring opportunities and strategies.

In 2023, we are visiting colleges across the country to teach students how to get involved in public service. Click here for more information about the Call to Serve Network’s Roadshow.

Note: We are unable to provide individual counseling about the federal application process. Please see our FAQs and Glossary of Federal Terms for more information.