A career with the Forest Service is a way to help protect the environment and do rewarding work. And you’ll find the government offers unparalleled benefits.

Work-life balance

As a federal employee, you get 11 paid holidays every year, plus paid sick and vacation leave.

The agency also offers flexible work schedules and telework opportunities to help you manage work and home needs. And it subsidizes your transportation costs.

Career advancement

As one of the Forest Service’s nearly 30,000 employees around the country, you’ll have the chance to learn new things, try new roles and rise in the organization.

You can work with soil, wildlife, fisheries and more, or in areas such as botany, ecology and geology. You also can learn about mapping systems and contract administration, skills that can lead to specialized roles as you advance in your career.

With such ample opportunities, you could become one of the many people who have worked their way up to leadership roles at the agency over the course of a distinguished, multidecade career.

Health, wellness and family

The government covers most of the cost of health care, and federal employees have hundreds of health plans to choose from. The agency also offers flexible work arrangements and wellness and fitness programs to improve employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Additionally, paid parental leave is available for childbirth, adoption and foster care.

Hiring incentives

Certain positions or locations may come with incentives for new employees. Committing to work for a certain length of time or agreeing to move to a certain area can lead to higher pay. Additionally, the Forest Service offers options to reduce or forgive student loan debt.

The agency also may provide housing for its employees, depending on location and availability.