Other Places to Find Positions

Although most federal internships and jobs will be posted on USAJOBS.gov, additional federal opportunities can be found in other places. 

Agency websites 

Not all agencies post their open positions on USAJOBS.gov. For example, agencies within the Intelligence Community post positions on their individual agency career webpages or intelligencecareers.gov. Most agencies will have a “jobs” or “careers” tab on their websites that provide helpful insights into their specific hiring processes, organizational charts and mission statements.  

Career fairs 

Career or job fairs can be a great way to meet agency representatives in person. Keep in mind, however, that most agencies do not make offers on the spot. But still, career fairs are an excellent place to learn about what a federal employee does on a day-to-day basis and discover the ins and outs of the application process directly from the source. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask about specific student or recent graduate programs and the general hiring timeline of the agency.  

Social media 

Agencies use social media to reach jobseekers like you! Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms, agencies post information about their job opportunities.

Your Personal Network 

Never underestimate the value of reaching out to your own network. Friends and family with government connections may have great advice for finding open positions. You can also leverage faculty, professors, careers services, alumni association and professional organizations on campus who are aware of open positions or have contacts at federal agencies. These resources can really help you expand your knowledge about opportunities in the federal government and set you on the right track to finding a federal job. 

Pro Tip

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