No matter your area of interest or level of experience, there’s a government career for you—whether you’re a veteran, an IT whiz, an architecture student or have an interest in any number of other fields.  

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer. Surprising? Maybe. But true. Our government tackles a wide range of issues and challenges, from making sure our food supply is safe to predicting the weather to maintaining national security. There’s no other organization that offers you the same breadth of opportunity for making a difference. In government, you serve the public and have the potential to have a global impact.  

The government’s more than 400 agencies—and the agencies and offices within those agencies—have important missions in international affairs, law enforcement, science, education, the environment and other areas. With all those choices, surely you can spot something that appeals to you! And the benefits that come with those jobs can include: 

  • Flexible hours and remote work opportunities. 
  • Generous vacation days and sick leave.  
  • Competitive retirement and health care benefits.   

The government also gives you with the chance to enhance your skills, advance into leadership roles and explore different career paths, offering work details and rotations, both within your agency and at other agencies.  

Go Government provides resources to help you navigate the hiring process and offers tips on how to develop a meaningful career in the federal government.  

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