Biological and Environmental Sciences

The federal government offers a variety of exciting, challenging positions in the biological and environmental sciences field.

As a research fishery biologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, you can work aboard a scientific research vessel in the North Pacific Ocean collecting ichthyoplankton samples. You could also develop innovative military biotechnologies as a microbiologist for Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Top Agencies with Employees in Biological and Environmental Sciences# of Current Employees
Department of Veterans Affairs329,298
Department of the Army 220,623
Department of the Navy197,024
Department of Homeland Security169,145
Department of the Air Force155,699
Department of Justice112,560
Department of Defense83,975
Department of the Treasury81,872
Department of Agriculture73,845
Department of Health and Human Services65,095

Percentage of Employees in Biological and Environmental Sciences% of Current Employees
Department of Agriculture31%
Department of the Interior17%
Environmental Protection Agency10%
Department of Health and Human Services6%
Department of Commerce4%
U.S. Agency for International Development4%
National Science Foundation4%
Smithsonian Institution4%
Consumer Product Safety Commission3%
Department of the Navy2%

Top Biological and Environmental Sciences Fields# of Current Employees
General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences17,497
Forestry Technician5,607
Soil Conservation4,112
Biological Science Technician2,535
Fish Biology2,092
Wildlife Biology2,042
Soil Conservation Technician1,115

Top Positions by RegionPercentage
South Atlantic24.0%
Pacific West21.5%
Mountain West16.7%
West South Central7.6%
West North Central8.6%
East North Central5.8%
East South Central4.6%
Positions Overseas1.0%
Job Series Codes

You can search using keywords or the job series code, a four-digit number corresponding to a government job category. The most common biological and environment science job series codes are listed below.

0028: Environmental Protection Specialist

0401: General Natural Resources Management

0404: Biological Science Technician

0457: Soil Conservation

0462: Forestry Technician

0482: Fish Biology

0486: Wildlife Biology

Did You Know?

There are opportunities with very specific interests. Even if you want to work exclusively with fish, or with particular wildlife, or soil conservation, there is a match for you in the federal government in the biological and environmental fields.

Again, there are specific fields to work in, and specific locations, if you want to work with arctic wildlife or marine wildlife, those specific agencies have high proportions of biologists.

Sample Positions

Job Title: Soil Conservationist (0457) 
Agency: Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs 
Salary Range: $40,684 to $78,270 / per year 
Location(s): Toppenish, Washington

As a Soil Conservationist, you will: 

  • Develop plans, policies and procedures for meeting the overall objectives of various Natural Resources Program functions.
  • Provide management and conservation services for various assigned projects; to include project funding.
  • Maintain data on agricultural resources and soil classification surveys using Excel, Access, Microsoft, and ArcGIS software.

Job Title: Environmental Engineer (0028) 
Agency: Department of the Navy, Navy Facilities Engineering Command
Salary Range: $79,644 to $103,541 / per year
Location (s): San Diego, CA

As an Environmental Engineer, you will: 

  • Review plans, designs, and specifications for the improvement, alteration, or construction of facilities to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.
  • Brief agency engineers, environmental personnel, professionals, or managers on environmental issues and compliance status.
  • Review investigation, inspection reports, and letter of inquiry to ensure all issues and concerns are addressed correctly and promptly.