Information Technology and Computer Science

Want a career in information technology or computer science? Look no further than the federal government.

For example, developers use information technology to design databases for storing business intelligence systems at the Federal Reserve. Civilian cyber security specialists develop complex systems to secure the U.S. Air Force.

Top Agencies with Employees in Information Technology and Computer Science# of Current Employees
Department of the Army 10,933
Department of the Navy 10,380
Department of the Air Force 7,398
Department of Defense 7,282
Department of the Treasury 7,212
Department of Veterans Affairs 6,851
Department of Homeland Security 3,914
Social Security Administration 3,841
Department of Agriculture 3,306
Department of Commerce 3,283

Percentage of Employees in Information Technology and Computer Science% of Current Employees
Office of Administration 20%
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board 18%
Federal Election Commission 13%
Selective Service System 13%
Railroad Retirement Board 12%
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 11%
Commodity Futures Trading Commission 9%
Department of Commerce 9%
Department of the Treasury 9%
Department of Defense 8%

Top Information Technology and Computer Science Fields# of Current Employees
IT Management81,580
IT Student Trainee102

Top Positions by RegionPercentage
South Atlantic48.8%
Pacific West9.6%
West South Central8.4%
East North Central7.4%
Mountain West6.4%
East South Central4.4%
West North Central4.1%
Positions Overseas2.5%
Job Series Codes

You can search using keywords or the job series code, a four-digit number corresponding to a government job category. The most common information technology and computer science job series codes are listed below.

2210: Information Technology Management

2299: Information Technology Trainee

Did You Know?

There are over 79,000 federal employees in information technology fields.

Top states with employees in information technology: Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia.

More than two thirds of agencies have at least one IT employee.

Sample Positions

Job Title: IT Specialist (2210) 
Agency: Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Salary Range: $82,147 – $106,794
Location(s): Houston, Texas 

As an IT Specialist, you will: 

  • Oversee implementation of new system hardware and software by developing operating procedures.
  • Monitor the ongoing operation of a complex network environment with a large number of users in an installation.
  • Ensure corrective action to restore operational service is accomplished.

Job Title: Student Trainee (IT)- Pathways Internship
Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center
Salary Range: $56,226-$73,098
Location(s): Hampton, Virginia r

As a Student Trainee, you will: 

  • Gain working experience and knowledge in support of Information System Security by assisting the Center Information Security Officer in the areas of policy compliance, penetration testing, incident response, and security systems architectures.
  • Participate in the design and management of cybersecurity tools and processes involved in the identification of threats and risks, protection of assets, detection of vulnerabilities, reaction to information security breaches.
  • Assist with the creation and delivery of user communications designed to inform customers of IT security related issues and required actions.