Statisticians, computer scientists, researchers, actuaries and mathematicians are greatly needed in government.

For example, air traffic controllers at the Federal Aviation Authority use mathematics to understand distances and measurements to direct airplanes at a moment’s notice. Statisticians assess and analyze data at the Department of Education, and civilian computer scientists develop complex systems supporting the U.S. Navy.

Top Agencies with Employees in Mathematics# of Current Employees
Department of the Navy 5,154
Department of the Army 2,653
Department of Commerce 2,444
Department of the Air Force 2,257
Department of Health and Human Services 1,062
Department of Defense 857
Department of Agriculture 816
Department of Transportation 559
Department of the Treasury 240
Department of Justice 223

Percentage of Employees in Mathematics% of Current Employees
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation 10%
Department of Commerce 7%
Consumer Product Safety Commission 6%
Actuarial Science4%

Top Mathematics Fields# of Current Employees
Computer Science6,913
Operations Research4,857
Mathematical Statistics1,229
Statistical Assistant525
Actuarial Science271
General Mathematics and Science46

Top Positions by RegionPercentage
East South Central3.9%
Pacific West10.1%
Mountain West4.9%
West South Central3.5%
South Atlantic60.3%
West North Central2.1%
East North Central5.7%
Positions Overseas0.06%
Job Series Codes

You can search using keywords or the job series code, a four-digit number corresponding to a government job category. The most common mathematics job series codes are listed below.

1500: Mathematical Sciences

1501: General Mathematics and Statistics

1510: Actuarial Science

1515: Operations Research

1520: Mathematics

1529: Mathematical Statistics

1530: Statistics

1531: Statistical Assistant

1550: Computer Science

Did You Know?

There are 4,631 employees with a degree in mathematics working in Maryland.

Candidates with minimal experience must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in mathematics or 24 semester hours of mathematics courses.

There are nearly 17,000 federal employees in the mathematics field.

Sample Positions

Job Title: Statistician 
Agency: Department of Commerce
Salary Range: $63,772 to $99,296/year 

As a statistician, you will:

  • Initiate investigations based on observations in program assignment areas
  • Select and modify statistical techniques and methods to produce accurate and timely data

Job Title: Computer Scientist 
Agency: Department of the Army 
Salary Range: $71,012 to $92,316/Year 

As a computer scientist, you will: 

  • Act as a technical coordinator or researcher for enterprise services or mobile frameworks designed to operation between the organization enterprise mobile applications
  • Participate in the development of mobile standards and specifications based on emerging functional requirements, technology, or standards