Security and Protection

Federal positions in security and protection include investigators, compliance officers, security guards and customs officials. Criminal investigators ensure our borders are secure at Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Safety compliance specialists ensure federal aviation regulations are met at the Department of the Interior.

Top Agencies with Employees in Security and Protection# of Current Employees
Department of Homeland Security123,351
Department of Justice49,956
Department of the Army10,636
Department of the Navy8,016
Department of Agriculture6,952
Department of the Air Force5,818
Department of Veterans Affairs5,549
Department of the Interior5,118
Department of Transportation4,855
Department of the Treasury4,437

Percentage of Employees in Security and Protection Fields% of Current Employees
Department of Homeland Security74%
Department of Justice45%
Office of Personnel Management45%
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission44%
Consumer Product Safety Commission34%
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board34%
National Transportation Safety Board31%
Department of Labor28%
Smithsonian Institution20%
Committee for Purchase From People who are Blind of Severely Disabled18%

Top Security and Protection Fields# of Current Employees
Criminal Investigation42,193
Compliance Inspection and Support40,983
General Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement and Compliance34,386
Customs and Border Protection22,845
Border Patrol Enforcement Series20,199
Correctional Officer18,707
Security Administration13,202
Fire Protection and Prevention9,051
Aviation Safety4,324

Top Positions by RegionPercentage
South Atlantic14.2%
Pacific West2.9%
West South Central2.2%
Mountain West1.8%
East North Central1.4%
West North Central1.3%
Positions Overseas0.19%
Job Series Codes

You can search using keywords or the job series code, a four-digit number corresponding to a government job category. The most common security and protection job series codes are listed below.

1801: General Inspection, Investigation and Enforcement

1802: Compliance Investigation and Support

1811: Criminal Investigator

1895: Customs And Border Protection

1896: Border Patrol

Did You Know?

The physical requirements to be an FBI or CIA agent include a vision test and a hearing test, in addition to a minimum score on their Physical Fitness Test.

The Washington, DC area has the highest number of employees in security and protection, by almost 10 times.

Sample Positions

Job Title: Investigations Coordinator 
Agency:Pentagon Force Protection Agency 
Salary Range: $64,65 to $100,736/year 

As an investigations coordinator, you will: 

  • Serve as an integral member of investigative teams providing support during the conduct of criminal administrative, inspections and assessment. Duties include investigative and crime prevention matters involving the full range of criminal allegations including larceny, of government services and equipment, contract fraud, rape, robbery, fraud and contract employee misconduct
  • Identify elements of proof, develop investigate plans and strategies, identify and collects evidence, prepare, conduct witness and subject interviews

Job Title: Law Enforcement Specialist
Agency: Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
Salary Range: $71,012 to $92,316/Year

As a law enforcement specialist, you will: 

  • Serve as an instructor in the assigned PT program/course areas of law enforcement such as: Arrest Procedures, Defensive Tactics, Ground Fighting Tactics, Intermediate Weapons (Baton, Oleoresin Capsicum, etc.), Crowd Control Techniques, Close Quarters Combat, Basic First Aid, Trauma Management, CPR, AED, Officer Survival Afloat, and Physical Conditioning.
  • Monitor the progress of students, documenting their results, and/or recommending remedial and corrective action.